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Harts Diesel Europe is a partnership between MB Power Tech APS and Harts Diesel & Machine created to facilitate the growth and expansion of the Harts Brand in Europe under the new name Harts Diesel Europe.



MB Power tech APS is extremely proud to bring this well-known high-performance equipment to Europe. We have over 150 turbos and 10 Billet diesel pumps(17/18 mm) in process for the beginning of the 2024 season. Additionally, we will receive a large supply of spare component level parts so we can repair/service the 2024 season in Europe at our facility in Denmark. Harts Diesel America will ship all of these units to us in a complete container with all of the required parts, turbos and pumps to Harts Diesel Europe. This will insure we can deliver the turbos and diesel fuel systems to our new customers in 2024 before pulling season kicks off.


Harts Diesel Europe will be sending technicians to America to be trained and certified at the main Headquarters as repair/service technicians.


All new Harts Diesel Europe Products will be manufactured and assembled at Harts Diesel America.

Welcome MB Power Tech APS!

Info for returning and new customers:

1. We expect it will take one full year to build up high performance, turbo, and diesel systems for Europe.


2. As we just have started and want to make sure everything is correct and we don’t have people for everything yet, so therefore please print out the PDF file and fill it out. Send it to our email and we will come back as soon as possible with an answer, which turbo or diesel system you need for your tractor. Harts Diesel America will pick the right turbo & fuel system for your application.


3. We will have the same prices for whole Europe in euros.


4. In Season 2024 we will deliver the minimum we have ordered, but if we get more orders before end of November,2023 we can still sell more parts for 2024 season.


5. The customers who order for the season 2024 will get the service through the season from our stock in Europe/America.


6. Dyno power. With the mobile hoop, Dyno - we will make a special service for people who want to test the Harts Diesel products.

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We serve the pullers of the world, and trucks. Our services offer our customers the ability to repair their turbo chargers, fuel injection pumps, or injectors! We are thorough, with an exceptionally high attention to detail, when repairing or rebuilding your product.


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